What To Do With Those Comments on a Google Hangout Event Page

Your quick tip today is about those comments on the Google Hangout Event Page.
There are different ways to handle comments. First, let’s identify three of the places where you may find, or allow, comments.

The Google Event Page

Yes, I realize that is the title of today’s tip, but you can actually have comments in other places, as well (discussed below). The Google Event Page is probably the easiest place for people to leave comments. If you have scheduled your hangout ahead of time, or if you have created a separate event page, you can check this page daily, leading up to your event. This gives you an opportunity to engage and encourage people to participate in your upcoming hangout.

Comment Tracker

This is a nifty little tool that has been around awhile but isn’t necessarily utilized as much. It pulls the comments from throughout G+ and gives you and opportunity to respond, even within the hangout. It is sometimes tricky to pay attention to the comment tracker while running the hangout, so you may want to ask for a volunteer to handle this for you.

On the Blog

If you have set up a blog post to announce the hangout, or if you have set up a post with the embedded live hangout, you could receive comments on that blog post, as well. This is a great way to build up engagement before, during, and after the event, when you turn that blog post into a summary of the hangout event.
There you have it.. opportunities for engagement!
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