How To Understand the Google Hangout Event Page Better Than Its Designer!

Now that you have learned how to start a hangout, you are ready to go through the steps, again, and take a deeper look at the Hangout Event Page.
At first glance, the event page for a Google Hangout can appear confusing. But, it doesn’t need to be, if you break down the event page into sections.
The easiest portion of the page is the part that is similar to the rest of Google Plus, and that is the comment section where you can add comments and answer questions from your attendees. It is located in the lower left and you can comment before the event, during the event and even after the event.

To edit the details of your event, click on “Edit” toward the right hand side of the page. This produces a pop-up window where you can change the cover image (choosing a preset Google template or your own image), as well as the details, the link to your site, and even a YouTube video. Be sure and click “Advanced” to get ALL of the options available to you. And, in the event details, you can choose to set your event as a hangout, allowing the event page to link up to the hangout at the time of the future event. In our case, though, we are going to go about it a different way, so do not select it this time.
The very large graphic (video) in the event page, the one that looks like it will play a video, well, that is the one we want to look at next. There is a blue button that you will want to click to “start.” Don’t worry, this doesn’t actually start the video, it starts the hangout and allows you to enter the hangout dashboard to get ready for the hangout.
For those of you who have done hangouts before, that may seem scary, like you are going to start broadcasting, but that is not the case. Think of it as an “Enter” for your hangout set-up, where you get to really get ready for the actual hangout.
And, there you have it, the Google Hangout Event Page and how to get it set up for a hangout that you are hosting, right now!
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