Welcome 2015 (and the HangoutQueen blog!)

Welcome, everyone, to 2015! I know, it has been 2015 for a couple of weeks now, eh? So, we are going to try this again, with a special New Year’s resolution for the HangoutQueen.com blog.

“What is that?” you ask?

Well, back in 2013, before I joined the Internet Marketing Ninjas, I put together a fabulous curriculum for you and started the process of daily tips for the blog… little short, bite-sized tips to help you with your hangouts. But, you know what? A “day job” takes a lot of time! Especially when one is trying to maintain their own company and start a project management office for a global internet marketing company! Needless to say, I didn’t have time to create hangouts for IMN, while managing the PM for their client projects behind the scenes. Oh, that, and creating client social media marketing strategies for IMN (You didn’t know that, did you?)

So, now that I have returned to full time Social Web Cafe, along with VP of Operations for RCG Labs (founder: Joe Hall) and VP of Marketing for HHP (Not-for-Profit Health Organization) and … I am hoping to provide regularly scheduled Hangout Tips for you!

So, stay tuned, ok? And, welcome to 2015 and the new HangoutQueen.com hangout tips!

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About The Author

Deborah Deborah is an experienced (and talented) videographer recommended by the legendary Corey Rudl and other industry pioneering greats. Come experience it for yourself and also, download the "Boost Your Energy" ebook (absolutely free!).

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Gaurav Kumar
9 years ago

It is really an honor to know about you and your work. You are the best in managing Google hangouts and your tips are remarkable.
Thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge to make social media and hangouts better for everyone.

9 years ago
Reply to  Gaurav Kumar

Thank you so much, Gaurav. I appreciate the kind words 😉