Webinar Fusion Pro:  Charles Terrence Harper * WTTV 1.13

@CharlesHarper of Webinar Fusion Pro interviewed by @SocialWebCafe on #WebToolsTV #SocialCafe Deborah says… “This is a new tool on the scene, but it is the result of extensive research. I highly endorse it and as a result of that endorsement, sought to also become an affiliate. This software is not free and it is not cheap. I purchased it because I plan on using it for my hangouts (3+ per week). However, another incentive is that there is special pricing because it is new and you can purchase it for the one-time instead of monthly fee. If you would like to see for yourself, you can visit my affiliate link at http://sw.bcafe.co/fusion ”


If you are the CEO or developer of a tool and you would like to be a featured guest on Web Tools TV, you can let WebToolsTV know! Simply set up a call with the Social Web Cafe producer, Michael Anderson, at http://sw.bcafe.co/setupCall From there, the Social Web Cafe team will walk you through the next steps.

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