InfusionSoft:  Power User PJ Van Hulle * WTTV 1.23

Deborah Anderson ( @SocialWebCafe ) interviews PJ Van Hulle ( @pjvanhulle ), Power User of InfusionSoft ( @InfusionSoft ) on this episode of #WebToolsTV #SocialCafe

Ms. Van Hulle is also CEO and founder of This woman knows her stuff about many things, especially email marketing, business strategy, and the use of InfusionSoft as an important tool in the mix.

Check out InfusionSoft at


If you are the CEO or developer of a tool and you would like to be a featured guest on Web Tools TV, you can let WebToolsTV know! Simply set up a call with the Social Web Cafe producer, Michael Anderson, at From there, the Social Web Cafe team will walk you through the next steps.

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8 years ago

You’ve imeprssed us all with that posting!